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6 Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid in Sacramento

Steer Clear of These Frequent Mistakes that Home Sellers Make  Every homeowner who decides to sell their home wants every part of the endeavor to go smoothly. Inevitably, it can prove itself to be a bit expensive and stressful putting one of your greatest investments on the line for someone else to buy now. Common … Continued

“We Buy Houses” Scams in Sacramento

Where do I safely sell my home fast for cash?  When you’re looking to sell your home in a secure and speedy way, considering your options can be tricky. Real estate investors; also known as cash home buyers are some of the best companies that buy houses for cash. To sell your houses as-is for … Continued

Tactics used by predatory home buyers in Sacramento

Watch for these tactics used to lure you into a scam when selling your  home off-market Selling your home by way of a nontraditional means requires you to do some of the homework on finding a company/cash buyer to sell your home for cash that is worthy of your trust and business. If you are … Continued

Things to know about cash home buyers in Sacramento

The business of buying off-market homes has boomed with alternatives for those of us looking to sell your home fast and as-is. The traditional home buying process of preparing your home, listing it and waiting for the right buyer with the right price no longer has to be the usual selling standard. There is a … Continued